An Out Of Touch Hillary Clinton Struggles To Figure Out How To Swipe Her Subway Card

Hillary Clinton took the New York City subway two stops today in the aftermath of Bernie Sanders calling her not ‘qualified’ to be president

After unrelenting attacks by Bernie Sanders painting her as ‘out of touch; with the average American, Hillary Clinton took to the subway in order to show him he was wrong. Only thing is that Sanders was not wrong as video of Clinton struggling to understand how to swipe her fare shows. It took her 5 tries, with coaching, in order for her to make it work:

Clinton’s journey started from the 161st Street Station at Yankee Stadium and she just went two stops to the 170th Street Station on the 4 train, according to CNN.  The candidate was joined on the ride by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., members of her staff and some press.

Clinton told CNN she hadn’t ridden the transit system in a year and a half or maybe two years.  That was meant to distinguish herself from Brooklyn-born Sanders, who was asked by New York Daily News editorial board members, ‘How do you ride the subway today.’

Everything about Clinton’s subway ride was fake and staged. The subway car she rode in was freshly painted and all the graffiti cleaned off, and every person riding in that care was a Clinton staffer or campaign worker who cheered and applauded her every move. She didn’t interact with a single one of the actual ‘man on the streets’ even for a second.

Her inability to understand the complexities of how to swipe your subway fare card was very reminiscent of the awe and wonder that George Bush Sr. showed on the campaign trail when encountering a supermarket scanner. He was absolutely baffled because he had never bought anything in a grocery store before, that’s what servants are for.

Hillary Clinton is as phony as a three dollar bill, and every bit as useful. This is one reason why Bernie Sanders is doing as well as he is. He may be as Communist, but he is honest about it and because he is honest people trust what he has to say even if they don’t agree with it.

How much does she lie? Watch and decide for yourself:

Pantsuits on fire, Hillary….


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