Dr. Jim Garrow: The 2.8% Tail That Wags The Dog

The 2.8% Tail That Wags The Dog:

Jim GarrowWelcome to the nation of some are more equal than others. Even with the thousands of illegal alien muslims being shown the way into American and its welfare supported minions of excess, they will not keep quiet. Now that is a pleasant turn of events because after all, the squeaky wheel gets noticed. Well I have been noticing a lot of noise coming from 2.8 percent of the population who it seems feel that their little tiny group of newbies to the nation should decide how the nation runs its business. Have you noticed?

I’m not sure if the aboriginal First Nations Folks who were the original population before the white immigrants from Europe began trickling in should have any say about the sway of the muslim voice. Nor do I get it if the 97.2 percent majority of the population should have to check their taxpaying preferences at the door and allow the islamists to tell them the lay of the land. Would I be impertinent if I asked whose land it is anyway? The Constitution sets out pretty clearly the way things are and the Rule of Law assures each citizen of their equal voice. Some may be more strident than others but laws still should reflect the will of the people.

One Mayor of a city just north of the border in the Province of Quebec made it plain, simple and clear with respect to Shariah Law and muslims place in the nation. Enjoy.

“Muslims must understand that they must adapt to Canada, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because it was the country that was they chose to emigrate to.”

“You have to understand that they are the ones that must integrate and learn to live in Canada.”

“For Muslims, who are not in agreement with the Canadian culture and religion and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open arms, in accordance with Sharia Law.”

America needs to get with the program when it comes to immigration. Yes, we are “a nation of immigrants,” the proverbial “melting pot.” More importantly we are UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

There should be no more of this each to their own garbage when it comes to how immigrants want to live their lives. If they want to stick with their own programs then they should have stayed put in their countries of origin.

‘We Don’t Adapt To Your Culture, You Adapt To Ours’

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